India and China are having Border Disputes, Is it a sign of war?

India and China are having Border Disputes, Is it a sign of war?



China is in a state of stress because India is slowly moving towards becoming a developed nation which China thinks is not a good sign for them

India and China are having Border Disputes, Is it a sign of war?

Border Disputes between China and India are growing day by day. At the time where the whole world is getting together to fight the Coronvirus China is just provoking India.

The truth is that China wants to acquire different goals by provoking India. China wants to remove the focus of other countries from coronavirus pandemic and another reason for the disputes is the growth of India ‘s position in the world. DUe to this America and all other developed nations are helping India financially and strategically.

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China always frightens the small countries but in the case of India it is different and this step may backfire on china somehow. But still at this crucial, if China is increasing the disputes with India, what is the reason behind it?

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Actually, China wants to remove the focus of other countries. by growing disputes with countries like India and America it is trying to do so.

China is also devasted because due to the allegation on the matter of coronavirus many big companies are removing their manufacturing hubs from China and shifting them to some other countries. the countries where these companies are going China is having a problem with them.


According to defense specialists, China has a way of increasing disputes first they claim their position at someplace, and then they slowly robust their position in a particular place, and then they capture the place.

As we all know the Chinese media is under the influence of China’s communist party. if the Chinese media is picking the pace of dispute with India news on their channel then the communist party must be behind it.

China is also in stress because of the growing relations between India and America which is not a good sign for China.

But it is also true that the boundary issue of China and India is the longest disputed but a peace dispute in which there has been no firing since 1975. Both countries have solved the issue by talking. But in the time coronavirus China is taking hostility with the entire world. It can become dangerous for China in the near future.


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